Compulsory certificates and masks from Monday 6.12.2021

The following rules will apply from 6.12.2021.

1. we must check all guests for a valid certificate before serving at the bar. Therefore, everyone needs a valid certificate and an official document. On our terrace and for guests of the hostel, however, there is no certificate and mask requirement.

2. everyone without a certificate can also order drinks or food. These can then be taken on the terrace.

3. unvaccinated guests of the hostel can also order food and drinks and have them either on the terrace or in the room.

4. when checking in guests staying at the hostel, the certificate will also be checked. Those who do not have a certificate can also help themselves to the breakfast buffet, but must eat either outside or in the room.

In the bistro and breakfast room it is compulsory to eat outside, except when sitting.